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Sausalito Village  currently publishes two electronic newsletters for its members and anyone else who asks to be added to the mailing list.  Hard copies are mailed to any SV member who does not have access to email.

The first of these is a regular weekly update of upcoming Sausalito Village events and activities. It was originally published weekly and was called the Sausalito Village Weekly Newsletter until March 2013, when the name changed to  Sausalito Village Weekly E-Blast. In October 2013 the name changed again to Sausalito Village Update and the frequency changed to bi-weekly.  In 2016, the Newsletter was published monthly.
Sausalito Village Update
S.V. Weekly E-Blast/ 7/5/13
S.V.Weekly News
S.V. Weekly News. 12.13.12
S.V. Weekly News. 12.6.12
S.V. Weekly News. 10.11.12
The second is a quarterly publication called the Sausalito Village Voice.
January 2014 S.V.V.Vol.2 No. 1
October 2013 S.V.V. Vol 1. No. 3
April 2013 S.V.V. Vol.1. No.1
During 2010 and the first half of 2011 we published the Sausalito Village News, which came out approximately every other month.  


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